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Providing Quality Denture Service Since 1975

Our family owned and operated denture clinic provides complete and tailor-made solutions.

James Hobbs Denture Clinic, Denturist, St. John’s

At James Hobbs Denture Clinic, we strive on keeping your smile healthy and looking as natural as possible. Our experienced denturist creates high quality, custom-made dentures that are adapted to your specific needs. Since 1975, we have been improving the oral health and daily lives of patients of all ages.

Quality Workmanship

Complete or partial, James Hobbs Denture Clinic can help you find the right type of prosthodontics to provide optimum fit and function while specializing in details and aesthetics. He also personally oversees all aspects of denture fabrication and patient consultation. Whether you need standard, precision or temporary dentures, we can help you.

Broad Range of Services

Based out of St. John's, James Hobbs Denture Clinic welcomes and treats patients from all areas of Newfoundland and Labrador. Seniors who need complete dentures, middle-age adults who are transitioning from partial to more complex dentures, younger patients who have lost teeth from an accident, illness or genetics: James Hobbs Denture Clinic can take care of everyone.

Denture Maintenance

At James Hobbs Denture Clinic, we treat patients with utmost care and to make sure their teeth remain healthy and functional for many years. That is why we carry out denture repairs and offer rebases as well as instructions for proper maintenance at home.

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Family Tradition

Learn more about the history of our denture clinic.


We make and repair partial and complete dentures.

Free Consultation

Make an appointment today for a free consultation.

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