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Custom-Made Dentures and Denture Repair

James Hobbs Denture Clinic helps you find the denture that is right for you. Whether you need just a single tooth replaced or a full denture, our experienced denturist can create a custom-made solution to suit your needs.

Complete Dentures

From standard to more complex sets, our complete dentures can be adapted to meet the needs of any patient. We produce our custom-made dentures in house at our clinic and provide expert advice to help you find the type that is perfect for you.

full denture

Partial Dentures

As its name suggests, partial dentures replace individual teeth when an individual still has natural teeth remaining. If your lost or missing teeth impair you in your daily activities such as eating and speaking, partial dentures are for you. In addition to helping restore the aesthetic aspect of full teeth and improving dental functionality, partial dentures support your natural teeth by keeping them in place and preventing future tooth loss.


Flexible Partials

Flexible partials are made of acetal, a thermoplastic material which is both flexible and durable. Comfortable, reliable, flexible partials are easy to clean and are protected against stains and bacteria. James Hobbs Denture Clinic offers you flexible partials in various colours to help you benefit from a natural-looking smile.



Losing teeth, experiencing weight loss or suffering from a disease can cause the tissue of your gums to shrink. Relines are added to the existing dentures to provide a better fit. After doing an intraoral impression, we prepare the reline with new base material to build up areas of gum loss and meticulously apply it on your denture for optimal oral health.


Soft Liners

Malleable, soft liners are used between the gums of the patient and the rigid plastic base of the denture. Soft liners provide greater mobility and comfort for daily activities such as eating and can be used on new and existing dentures.


Other Types of Dentures

In addition to the main types of prosthodontics we make, we also offer standard, precision, flipper and transitional and temporary dentures. Denture repair services are provided as well, in addition to rebases and instructions regarding appropriate maintenance.


Smile with Confidence!

Benefit from optimal oral health with our dentures.

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